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Caffé Parigi is the result of an ambitious and wonderful dream to create a Café (or Caffè – depending on who you are talking to) where one could believe one was on a corner in Paris or a backstreet of Milan without ever having to leave the country. To bring to Ireland the very best that France and Italy had to offer, and to provide good, simple and delicious food.

Our aim is to provide great food at affordable prices in a stylish environment. We know that these are easily found in the beautiful cities of Paris and Milan. Caffe Parigi lets you experience the French and Italian lifestyle right here in the beautiful city of Dublin too!

The Caffe on Sir John Rogerson's Quay is just the start. We hope to open in perhaps two other locations in Dublin. Because we are small we will be taking things slowly, one mouthful at a time.

We opened our Production Kitchen in July 2011 to make sure that we are able to produce fabulously fresh food every single day to satisfy both our Caffe as well as our growing catering, Cantina and delivery business. The kitchen is impressive - very modern, silver and very shiny and we are proud of the food which we produce there.

Our delivery van, Rosy (short for the herb Rosmary), arrived in August 2011 and is currently an 'only van' but we intend to add to the family as we grow.

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